Creative Works
My published creative works include play scripts, poetry, and musical compositions.
Mountain Thunder: The Ballad of Badger Clark
Stage play, including Foreword, "A Note on Adapting Badger Clark's Writings for the Stage" and an edited collection of Badger Clark's poems.
Wayne S. Knutson Dakota Playwriting Series. Vol. 4. Vermillion, SD:
University of South Dakota Press, 1993. [ISBN 0-929925-23-8]

Josie!, A One-Woman Musical
Acting Edition. New-Scripts-in-Print Series.
Vol. 3. Ann Arbor, MI: Serpent's Tooth Theatre, 1993.

Leaves of Grass
A stage adaptation of Walt Whitman's 1855 edition.
Acting Edition. New-Scripts-in-Print Series. Vol. 1. Ann Arbor, MI: Serpent's Tooth Theatre, 1991.

Thirty-eight poems published in various small press literary magazines, including Buff, Pasque Petals, Prairie Winds, Dragonfly Quarterly of Haiku, CMA English Review, and anthologies such as Young American Poets, American Collegiate Poets, and Images and Metaphors, 1976 - 1988.
Musical Compositions
"Melancolique No. 2." [Piano Composition.] Dakota Arts Quarterly 10 (Fall 1980): 18-19.
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