Formal education has been a major part of my life. From a one-room country school . . . to a small, private college . . . to a major American university, schools have greatly influenced me. So have the special teachers who have inspired me to learn and to "finish that degree." Listed below are details of my educational experiences, from Ph.D. to elementary.
Graduate and Undergraduate
Ph.D. June 1994 University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, MN
- Degree Program: English
- Area of emphasis: American Literature
- Minor: Theatre Arts
- Dissertation with a Creative Component: "Dramatizing Whitman"
A graduation photo of Kenn and Ed Griffin shaking hands.

M.A. September 1981 State University of New York-Buffalo, NY

- Degree Program: English
- Area of emphasis: Playwriting
- Thesis: "A Collection of Three Original Plays"

B.A. May 1979 Dakota Wesleyan University - Mitchell, SD

- Majors: English, Music
- Minors: Education, Speech

Graduation at the University of Minnesota (1994). Ph.D Adviser, Dr. Edward M. Griffin, congratulates me on the "final step" of my Ph.D. journey.

1972 - 1975 - Mitchell High School - Mitchell, SD
1973 - 1975 - Mitchell Vocational-Technical School - Mitchell, SD
1970 - 1972 - Mitchell Junior High School - Mitchell, SD
1962 - 1970 - Rosedale # 4 School - Hanson County, SD

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