Scholarly Publications
My scholarly publications include literary criticism, dramatic criticism and dramaturgy, and commentary on writing and writing instruction.
Literary Criticism
Walt Whitman and the American Stage Revised Ph.D. dissertation,
"Dramatizing Whitman" (1994) Negotiating with University of Iowa Press. 350 pp.

"Comments on Stream-of-Consciousness Poetry"
Envoy Fall/Winter 1979

Dramatic Criticism/Dramaturgy
"Caste on American Soil: The American Response to British Social Drama
(The Plays of Tom Robertson)"
(1993) Seeking publisher. 122 pp.

"Daring to Dramatize Whitman"
Serpentimes Serpent's Tooth Theatre Company Newsletter
2.2 (July 1991). Reprinted in STT Production Program (July/Aug. 1991)

"Revisiting a Classic: A.R. Gurney, Jr.'s Another Antigone." Dramaturgical article in Serpent's Tooth Theatre Production Program (Fall 1990).

Writing and Writing Instruction
"Collaboration Is the Key" (with Esther Daniels, M.Libr.)
Library Directions University of Washington Libraries Newsletter 7.1 (Autumn 1996)

"The Writing Center: Where Do We Go from Here?"
Encompass UW Bothell Faculty Publication 2.1 (Spring 1995)

"Writing to Live" and "Real-World Contexts in Writing to Learn"
Conference Proceedings for "Writing to Learn in Disciplines" Conference
Ed. Barbra Morris. Ann Arbor, MI: English Composition Board, 1991

"Writer's Choice: Self-Confidence or Self-Torture?"
Developments University of Michigan: English Composition Board Newsletter
2.2 (March 1991)

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