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POSITION: Adjunct Lecturer, English Composition Board (ECB) 1988 - 1993

Writing Practicum - 12 sections
Taught an intensive basic composition course emphasizing argumentative writing and the compilation of writing portfolios.

Writing Workshop - 5 semesters
Consulted individually with hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students on academic writing projects in a wide range of disciplines, from Astronomy to Zoology.

Writing Assessment - 5 years
Participated regularly in assessing essays and portfolios from incoming students to determine their placement in composition courses. Helped refine language of a nationally-recognized assessment criteria model. Led several standardizing sessions for placement readers. Served on the Student Appeals Committee which reviewed challenges to placement decisions.

Independent Studies in Playwriting - 2 semesters

POSITION: Instructor, Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) Summers 1992, 1993

Writing Practicum - 2 summers
Taught argumentative writing to African-American students participating in a special Summer Bridge Program which provided intensive academic preparation, individualized academic advising, and college socialization experiences before the beginning of their freshman year.

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