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POSITION: Teaching Assistant, English Department 1983 - 1986

Taught one literature course and served as paper grader/guest presenter for several other literature courses:

  • Introduction to American Literature - 1 section of a multi-section course, team-taught. The course surveyed periods in American literature through short stories and film adaptations of the stories. My section added a stageplay, Sam Shepard's Fool for Love.
  • Hemingway - 1 section, paper grader
  • Survey of British Literature - 1 section, paper grader and guest presenter
  • Chaucer - 1 section, paper grader

Received formal literature teacher training through a quarter-long roundtable coordinated by Dr. Edward Griffin, Professor of English and then-Chair, American Studies.

POSITION: Teaching Assistant, Program in Composition and Communication 1985 - 1988

Taught several lower and upper division composition courses:

  • Writing Practice - 7 sections of a freshman composition course, including special Honor's and Martin Luther King sections
  • Writing Practice and Literature - 1 section of a freshman composition course with added emphasis on literature
  • Writing about Literature - 1 section, upper division
  • Writing about the Arts - 1 section, upper division
  • Advanced Expository Writing - 2 sections, upper division
  • Business Writing - 4 sections, upper division
  • Technical Writing for Engineers - 1 section, upper division

Residence Hall Writing Tutor - 6 quarters

Received formal composition teacher training through a series of workshops coordinated by Dr. Donald Ross, Professor of English, and Dr. Lillian Bridwell-Bowles, Director, Program in Composition and Communication and then-Chair of the national Conference on College Composition and Communication.

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