Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman in 1854, age 35. This engraving by Samuel Hollyer, copied from a lost daguerreotype, appeared instead of Whitman's name on the front pages of the first edition of Leaves of Grass (1855).

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  • Dissertation Abstract: Dramatizing Whitman, by Kenn Pierson
  • Synopses:
    • Chapter 1 - Dramatic Affinities: Whitman's Encounters with the American Stage (Theories, Theatres, and Whitman's Poetry of "Performance")
    • Chapter 2 - Dramatic Tendencies: The Response of Scholars to Dramatic Elements in Leaves of Grass (Conflict, Action, Orality, and Physicality)
    • Chapter 3 - Dramatic Renderings: The Application of Whitman's Poetry to Stage and Screen ("Whitman Dramas" and the 1991 Leaves of Grass, Serpent's Tooth Theatre Production)
    • Creative Component - Leaves of Grass (script)
    • Appendix A - Chronology of Whitman Dramas, 1913 - 1996

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  • Walt Whitman's daguerreotype engraving by Samuel Hollyer
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